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Behind the Wheel - Driver
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Looking for driving lessons? Or need a driving check-up before you take your test? Behind the Wheel Driver Training is a driving school with a difference. Our fully qualified driving instructor, Sheree, is a former testing officer who will teach you to a level significantly higher than you need to pass your test.

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About Sheree, the Driving Instructor

Sheree has been a former testing officer and NZTA-approved driving instructor since 2015. With extensive driving experience, including 15 years conducting driving testing for various license classes, Sheree brings knowledge to her instruction.

Sheree has conducted approximately 29,856 driving tests in the North and South Islands, encompassing heavy vehicles (class 2-5) and class 6 motorcycles. This remarkable track record sets her apart as one of the area's most experienced and qualified driving instructors, if not the entire South Island.

When Sheree was doing driver training in the North Island, she accumulated 6,000 hours in driving lessons, with a significant portion dedicated to Ministry of Social Development programs.

With her extensive testing and training experience, Sheree is uniquely positioned to provide expert instruction tailored to your needs. When you choose Behind the Wheel Driver Training, you can trust that you will receive education from a highly qualified and experienced professional.

Contact us today if you are looking for an experienced, patient, and friendly driving instructor.

No matter which training option you choose, Sheree will provide personalised instruction, catered to your skill level and goals. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements or schedule your first driving lesson.

Restricted Licence

Sheree provides comprehensive driving lessons that cover all aspects of driving, including theory and practical skills. Whether you're a beginner or have some driving experience, Sheree will guide you through the process of obtaining your restricted license. Her lessons are designed to build your confidence, develop your driving skills, and ensure you are well-prepared to pass your restricted license test and stay safe on the road.

Overseas Conversion

If you hold an overseas driver's license and need to convert it to a New Zealand license, Sheree can assist you in the conversion process. She will work with you to understand any knowledge gaps you may have regarding driving on New Zealand roads and help you navigate the requirements for obtaining a local license. Sheree's training will focus on preparing you for the practical test and ensuring you have the necessary skills and knowledge to become a confident and safe driver in New Zealand.

Full Licence

Ready to take the next step and obtain your full driver's license? Sheree will cover all aspects of driving to help you prepare for your full license test. She will focus on enhancing your driving skills, including hazard detection and response techniques, to ensure you are fully equipped to pass your test and become a competent and confident driver. With Sheree's experience as a former testing officer, you can trust that you will receive expert guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Older Driver Refresher

For senior drivers looking to refresh their skills and boost their confidence on the road, Sheree offers refresher training tailored to their specific needs. Whether it's been a while since you last drove or you want to brush up on your knowledge of current road rules and regulations, Sheree will provide patient and supportive instruction. Her refresher training will help you regain your driving proficiency, improve your awareness of potential hazards, and prepare you for any on-road safety tests required.

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Please note that individuals are required to provide their own vehicle for lessons

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